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Mission: to preserve and protect the quality and health of the Lakelse Watershed.

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Current Projects in the Watershed

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About UsLakelse Lake

The Lakelse Watershed Stewards Society is a volunteer, non-profit organization which was formed in 2002. The Society collaboratively works on issues affecting the Lake and its surrounding watershed with partners such as BC Ministry of Environment, BC Parks, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and others.

These issues include water quality and sustainability of this resource, impacts and finding a balance between industry such as logging with the eco-systems, a drastic decline in the Sockeye salmon populations, agricultural, recreational and residential development and sedimentation.

Work began in 2003 with initial input and assistance from BC Ministry of Environment.  A draft management plan and strategy was developed as a baseline.  Since then, Lakelse Watershed Stewards Society has been actively involved with other agencies working on projects pertaining to water quality and quantity, sedimentation, mapping, habitat restoration projects and community education and awareness to raise the focus on stewardship.

In 2009, the Society was successful in forming further funding partnerships and the establishment of a Coordinator position for Watershed Management. The primary purpose of this position is to facilitate and enable collaborative partnering where agencies and interest groups move forward to make joint decisions on future development, planning and management of the watershed.  This results in sharing of knowledge, resources (financial and personnel) and general cooperation.

The Society has directors from the Lakelse Community Association, DL6263, Snowy Owl Bay, Catt Bay Residents Association, and Southwest Property Owners and is the environmental resource voice for the community and its watershed.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Lakelse Watershed Stewards Society is to preserve and protect the quality and health of the Lakelse Watershed.

    Our Goals:

    Lakelse Watershed Stewards Society’s goals are:

    To identify current and potential sources of water quality degradation affecting the Lakelse system.
    To monitor, preserve and enhance the quality and health of fish and their environment within the Lakelse Watershed.
    To provide workable options for managing the causes of accelerated lake degradation due to human impact.
    To increase public awareness of watershed issues by promoting positive activities, information and resources to assist users and visitors in the protection and maintenance of the existing ecosystems.