Sediment Studies

Increased sediment in the lake is of concern to the Lakelse Watershed Stewards Society. As a result, a number of initiatives and studies were pursused by the volunteers.

Sediment Core Sampling

Sediment core samples were taken from the lake in 2002 from the deep-site and a basin further south.

The graph shows large increases in sediment accumulation rates since development around the lake took place in the 1950’s.

There has also been a large increase in the percentage of organic matter since the early 1990’s. This suggests that inwash into the lake has changed recently.

Analysis of sediments show elevated iron and phosphorus levels in the top slices of the cores.

The full report is included in the Lakelse Lake Management Plan and Addendum.

Lakelse Lake Sediment Study

A major new study to assess sediments entering the lake from the major tributaries has just been started. This was initiated by Ministry of Environment and is partnered with Department of Fisheries and Oceans and Lakelse Watershed Stewards Society. Automated sampling will take place round the clock on Williams, Furlong, Hatchery, and Scully Creeks until at least the spring and probably through to 2009.