Proposed Logging in the Furlong and Granite (Hatchery) Creek Watersheds

Maps showing the proposed logging cutblocks by Coast Tsimshian Resources in the Lakelse Lake watershed were posted at the information kiosks in the various lake areas e.g. Beam Station area (Lakeside Rd.), Snowy Owl, Westside Rd., Waterlily Bay, Lakelse Lodge Rd., Southwest Lakeview area. These were posted in November 2007. Please take the time to have a look. LWS has concerns about logging in this watershed. These blocks are near Furlong Creek and Granite (Hatchery) Creeks, two of the streams currently part of the sediment study. If you have concerns please forward them to LWS or Kitimat Stikine Regional District or DFO or MoE or MoF.

UPDATE :  January 30th, 2008

LWSS President Richard Olson, Vice President John Rowlands, Fisheries Director Ian Maxwell, and Forestry Director Leslie Rowlands met with John Schultz, Brendon Wilson, Eric Sankey, Eugene Bryant and Jerry Lawson from Brinkman Forests and Coast Tsimshian Resources to discuss logging proposals for Furlong Creek and Hatchery (Granite) Creek Community Watersheds. Also discussed was the advertised Old Growth Management Area (OGMA) for Hatchery Creek, with a  60 day public comment period until March 31st, 2008.

LWSS put forward a visual presentation outlining a wide number of lake concerns around the impacts to the watershed from human development, then the discussion moved to Forestry. LWSS voiced again, as we have in the past, that Forest Stewardship Plans are not a good vehicle for public input with their generalizations and restricted time periods for public input. The public is not told when or where at the watershed level  that logging will occur. LWSS has insisted that the attention to detail missed in the FSP’S must have a means for public input.

We are asking for :


-increased riparian buffer protection for the smaller tributary streams.
-improved stream crossing measures
-improved risk asessment of windthrow and preventative measures in light of the Furlong Creek blowdown in October 2007


– the need for good data and good tools to assess non timber resources, and to monitor the impacts of forestry decisions.
-the results of the Williams Creek sediment study, 2007, and the current suspended sediment transport study underway on Furlong, Granite, and Scully Creeks must be incorporated into forestry decisions.
-the digital map base and website, showing all licensees and their existing and proposed cutblocks within the watershed, (Forest Practices Board recommendation OCT. 2007) currently being drafted by Ministry Of Forests in Terrace, be promoted.
-In the meantime Brinkman Forests and Coast Tsimshian Resources has agreed to share their maps and information with us.

Update July 2008:

This website is now available:

3.OGMA (Old Growth Management Area)  AMENDMENT

So far LWSS supports the new proposed OGMA and will take the foresters up on their offer to accompany them on site this spring. The Foresters believe the new OGMA will give better biodiversity protection closer to Hatchery Creek.  We have learned that it is legal to enter into this community watershed.


Lakelse Lake is in the monitoring stages with several studies, and an adaptive approach to Forestry is in the best interests of the watershed. We have an opportunity to work together with Foresters, to make better informed decisions, as new logging proposals are developed.

We encourage everyone to ask questions, and to submit your concerns and comments.