Causes of Erosion

Shoreline erosion can arise from a variety of reasons including:

•Changing freezing conditions

•Ice expansion

•Changed wind and wave action

•Changed water levels

•Loss of natural anchoring vegetation and roots

•Adjacent shoreline armouring by rocks or concrete

•Disappearance of reed beds (natures wave reducers).

Wave Action

Wave action is more damaging where reeds
have been removed.

Ice Expansion

Ice expansion can cause erosion and
shoreline damage.

Disappearance of Reed Beds

Leaving the reeds and the natural vegetation
will reduce wave action and erosion.

Loss of Vegetation

Loss of naturally anchoring vegetation

and roots leads to erosion and

shoreline changes.

Armoring the Shoreline

Armoring the adjacent shoreline with rocks,

concrete, or galvanized walls.

Changes in Water Levels

Fluctuations in water levels can influence